Monday, December 28, 2020

How is your CRissmiss?

 Mine is good. 

I gets the best gift ever which is that i did nut have to be rided.

I also gets a bunch of food and grains, and a molebottomy cookie.

I shares with baby warmblud because of the spirit of the holuday.

Anyway i hope all your crissmiss dreams came true.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wesstern dressahj

I is embarking on a new career apparently. As a wesstern dressahzj horse.

I has already done some wessahzj before so the lerning curve is smol.

This is from a few years back

Mom says this whole new focuss is because I donot has to do cannering any more if I do not want to. And I ashure you i does not want to.

So anyways this is dressahj but is more slower and less "make Roxie do cannerign and big trotting which she does not enjoy." But there is still bending and maybe some neck raining and the same old listening to Mom blahblah like always. 

And also more trail walking and maybe less forever work in the areena.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Roxie vs. Hay Net

Mom does this thing wher she puts some of my hay into a Roxie hay net. 

This is so i cannut scarf all my foods too fast. 

Or at least that is the idea. 

This hay net popped apart due to my Roxie attenshun. 

Those brown parts is the fixes.

Momm has to fix it LOL. 

She doesn't learn tho.

Next time I will popp it more harder.