Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank U all

Thank U to evryone who gives my Roxie Blog a Roxie award. It is nice that all you peeples likes me, Roxie, as much you do. An as much as I do.
I preefur eeting to bloggin, it is troo.
So heer is a thing for you all. Rememmer back wen Mom had laydees make Roxie model horses?
They is all done. So heer is picsures.
This is the one that is by a Kelly Campbell, Mom finded her on

This one is by a laydee named Claire Reiger:

It is kind of appy-looking a-cuz of she used picsures of me in winner-time when I gets a Appy Butt.

This one is by a laydee named Shelly. She evun makes me a Roxie haltur :)

An this one is by a Meghann:

Thees is all beeyoutiful.
Let mom know if you wants to know how to talk to any of theese laydees about maeking models of YOUR pony-horses.