Monday, October 4, 2021

And also there is Wessage

 There is Wessage. Which this is wessturn dressage. I is Roxie and I is port man tow.

I goes to my favorite place ever in Winatchey and i does it there and I is the gratest.

See my halo becuz of how i is lovely

Here is some pics of actual wessage

ha ha yay for refusing to halt in a square manner

So anyways. We is amazing and we is the CHAMPION.

And then there is supposesd to be a show in July but Mom forgets to enter. LOL dum.

So then we does one in September.

Here is this show:

We does great at this show too! Everyone says it's move up time but I has reached the limits of how much I wanna do cannering. So now it is on to the next sport!