Friday, October 16, 2009


I gets them.

Meegan is the best massahjer EVER. See that spot by my Roxie eer? That HURTDED SO BAD. It is a horse mussle, but it was hard liek a horse bone. An she fixed it! Meegan is my new favrite persin. She rubbded all over on my Roxie body for a HOLE HOUR!! Hooray!

Oh an then I gettded to go back in the Big Field an Lakota the Spotty Butt had HAY FOODS and I, Roxie, deserved theese hay foods more. So i made Snake Eyes at him, an then he turnd an he kickded me with both back feets, so I kickded him with both Roxie back feets, an he kickded me again. An then he runned, and I stealed his hay. Ha! Roxie wins hay foods! An Mom is all maeking the "why do I bother" sounds wen I do this.

I is looking forward to more massahjes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So. It has been desided that I, Roxie, gets to live in the BARN this winter! Hooray! I gets a stall! An a sign with my Roxie naeme on it! Woot!
This has somthing to do with Roommate Horse goin away. She finded a new horse house wher the peoples want to ride on traels. Oh an i gess Roommate Horse's new people wanted a mean jerk horse to kick there gelding arownd an maeke him more easyer to train on. Roommate Horse has finded her calling.
But whut this meens to me, Roxie, besides givvin proof that I is the best and most favoritest horse of Mom, is that Mom now has more MONEYS to spend on me, Roxie, an I can be treeted evun more like the Horse Princess that I is. So I gets a STALL, an I gets MASSAZJES, an more LESSINS (evun tho I don't enjoy these) oh an I guess I get new blanketys too. But new blanketys is cuz I, Roxie, growd SIX HOLE INCHS LONGER this summer an I now wears Queen Size blanketys. Yup.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I, Roxie, FINE-ALLY getted picsures from the show in Joon!

Ther was a nice man with a Big Fancy Flash Box. He taeked picsures. Heer is som of them, frum the dressahj test where I, Roxie, gettded a red ribbin:

(Mom in: The judge's comment on this downward transition was "don't die." Heh.)

And heer is som picsures frum the classes where we goes in sircles with lots of other horses:
Heer is a "hand gallop." I has to work SO HARD to do this gallop!

Heer is me, Roxie, getting a ribbin. I is reelly hoping this ribbin is eat-ible.

Oh an heer is som more picsures, frum the class wher you stand still and be the prittiest horse. I has never seen a spotty mini pony before, as you can probubbly tell.

Mom says we has a lot of work to do still, an I has more things to lern. I, Roxie, think this is a lode of bottom-apples. Since plainly I is a gorjess Roxie.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This just in

Puffy Roxie Fashun Coats.
New for 2010.
Coming soon to a beeyoutiful drafty roan horse neer you.