Monday, December 29, 2008


So I, Roxie, must re-port that i can no longer wear my blanket as I got it caut on Roommate Horse's bitey teeth and ther is now som big holes in it now. :-( So i em back to my bloo sheet. But it is warmer now so I, Roxie, is OK with this develupmint.
Ooh, gess whut?? I DID see Mom this week-end. She digged a path for to reech us in the Horse House. An then Hay Lady drived up in a big yello thing an she moved lots an lots of snow and now i can go play in the areena an eet som grain foods. Hooray!
Funder is in-structing me to say six randum things abowt me, Roxie. So heer i go:


1) Wen i is a baybee horse i HAETED peppermint horse treets. Haet haet haet. Mom wuld put them in my grain foods an i wuld SPIT them back in the pan cuz i haeted them!! Altho now that i am growed up i think peppermint treets are pretty cool.


2) I, unlike most drafty horses, has a GRATE BIG TAIL. yes i do. It drags on the grownd and it is curly an beyootiful. Mom has to use d-tangler on it a lot an brush and brush and brush it somtimes. Lucky I, Roxie, is a payshent sort of horse.


3) I is a rescue frum a feedlot! Ther is lots of nice horses on feedlots--I, Roxie, is proof of this. An so i must give props and thanks an stuff to Kerrie, my First Human Mom, for seeing my potenshul. Edited to add: This picsure is NOT a picsure of Kerrie.


4) I wish Mom would let me haev long hair. :-( I is bored of my roach. Altho i hasnt been roachded in a while so maybe this is somthing.


5) I wuld like to try pulling a wheel cart at som point. I think I, Roxie, wuld ex-cell at this.


6) Somtimes when Mom is groomin me i will look at her like, "Hay, give me that brush." An she will hand me the brush an i will nom nom nom on it an it is fun. An then i will drop it, an i cant pick it back up cuz i is in cross-ties, an so i will purtend like i did not want the dumb brush anyways. Hee.

Monday, December 22, 2008


It is TEN digrees heer.

Need-less to say i haev not seen Mom in a while.

Hay Lady is feedin me extra hays tho so I, Roxie, am OK with this.

Also I am wearing a real blanket, not just a bloo sheet. It is not real hevvy so i don't overheet. I kind of like wearing a blanket. Roommate Horse is wearing a hevvy one because she is WEEK an so is her winnter coat. Yup.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gesst Blog Frum a Forriner

I is hosting a gesst blog. Willem is a forrin horse, from Jermanie. He has writed a Crismas list an i think all horse peepul shuld read it! He has a axscent. So his spelling is purty bad, like mine!

Here it goez:

Willem's List of What Horses REALLY Want for Christmas:

Hallo every boddie, Willem here! You proberbly haff seen mein picture
on die internet, I be verrie famouse. If you haff liffed on Mars or
some thing, und you don't nott to know me, I be Coreene her horse. I
be VERRIE HANDSOME und I be ein chestnut Hanoverian und I be 19 und I
be verrie tall, I be 17.2HH und I write prettie good English.

Any how, mannie off your horse friends und me, we haff emailed each
other und this it be wot we want und don't nott to want for der

1. Giff us mannie karroten. This is be carrots auf Deutsch. It don't
nott to matter wot you think, we can eat mannie karroten at die same
time. Like ten pounds at least. At once. Don't nott to skimp, this it
don't nott to be in der Christmas spirit.

2. Giff us ein promise off one apfel per day for die whole year. I
like to eat mein apfels in two bites, but mein mannie girl mare
friends, they like it best wenn you cut them upp in mannie little

3. Stand under our mouth so der clothing can catch die apfel spit.

4. Giff us ein box off C&H Pure Cane Sugar cubes. We need TEN cubes
per day. If you be saying "ten only" at die end, then we don't nott
to haff to bother counting und we know you don't nott to be giffing
us no more this day. Wenn the box it be empty, buy more. Don't nott
to let any no-sugar days happen.

5. Get ein massage with ein horse chiropractor. I like this mit die
girl chiropractors die best becose I don't nott to like mannie men
except for mein grandpa, he be Coreene her daddy.

6. Giff us die same loff wot we giff you. We loff you verrie much und
it don't nott to be nice if you don't loff us die same. Don't nott to
make us do things wot make our feets hurt.

Don't nott to buy no ugly ass things for us to wear und then say it
be a present for us, it don't nott to be, it be for you.

Verrie Happie Christmas und Happie Chanukah und Happie Kwanzaa und
Happie Every Thing Else und Happie New Year.

Loff, Willem

I be a German horse und this be straight from mein mouth.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I givvded an other lessin!

This tiem i is teeching a GURL!

Frum whut i can unnerstand this girl is Marissa an she is my Mom's sister. They has the same sire and dam as eech other. This girl is a little tiny person and she LOVDED me. She brushed and brushed me an telld me how pritty I, Roxie, is. an i mugged on her for treets but Mom sed no. :-(


An then she gets on an rides me! She knows to sit up an look wher she is goin, wich is nice cuz it is a hard thing for me, Roxie, to teech.


she is funnie. She wants to go fast all the time an Mom is like, "whutever, go ahed and try!" So i trottded arownd some but only after tiny Marissa person whapped me with the reins. She wuz a little floppy on me but reelly not too bad, she is a tiny persin so it doesn't matter wen she bownces. I think the stirops were too long for her cuz she is small. Mebbe next time Mom will use a diffrint saddul.

Marissa THANKDED me, Roxie, after she rided me. this is novel. Mom nevur thanks me. >:(


I is a good teechur.


i winned an award

Janet Roper givded me an award! her blog is here. I luvvs her blog cuz she unnerstands the importence of commoonicaeting with us animals. We have lots to say, just no words, unless we is bloggin. And most of us isn't bloggin. so Janet Roper duz good work. :-)


I need to figger owt how to pass this award along.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So I wuz axed if I, Roxie, has been in a show. In fact, I has been in TOO shows. I will tell you abowt them.

Both shows happund a long tiem ago wen I was three. I is gonna be FIVE in the spring time so this is a long tiem. The first one was strange. I getted in the trailur and goed to a big place called a Fair Grownd and ther is a whole BARN full of other horses an I don’t know any of them. Mom knowed them and knowed all of there peeple too. I goed in a big box stall where you hadd to step UP to get into it, just like a trailur. I got lots of hay an water tho so it wasn’t prison or any thing.

After some eeting, Mom putded my Answer saddul on an we went to a strange areena with other horses in it being rided. This is only the second time I had been rided at a place that wuz not my own barn. So I looked arownd at every thing and wiggled away from other horses and went sideways at the big tower. Ther was no one watching tho. So Mom laffed and we rided arownd an then I went back in the stall for food and beddtime. Hooray!

Then the next day was more of the same, only this time ther was LOTS of horses and lots of people standin arownd watching. And ther was peepul in the tower too! But I has seen the tower and the fences and the cornurs and the garbidge cans and stuff the day befor so it wuz cool. So we goed in the ring and walked and trottded and then turned arownd and walked and trottded some more. And then we goed and standed still in the centur of the arena and they called my naem, sort of, and we goed up to a little child person and got a red ribbin! I don’ know what this red ribbin means but it means mom petded me a lot and her frends cheerd and clapped so it must be somthin good. An then we did the same thing again a little bit later, and they sed my naem, sort of, again, only this time they said it first of all the horses! And I got a BLOO ribbin! Hooray for Roxie! An then we waited a little bit more an did it one more time, only this time we lined up and waited turns and then trottded over som poles on the grownd. I, Roxie, knows how to do this but I goed a little crooked cuz it was funnie. An then they call naemes again and I gets another red ribbin! I is the best horse! Mom wuz very happie and givded me lots of treets and pets and then I goed home! Hooray for me!

The second show happend in the fall and I is very used to being taeken places and rided by now. It is basicly the same except Mom puts my wessturn saddle on and wears a goofy thing on her head and we walk, trot and CANNER this tiem. I wuz not verry good at cannering yet so mom carried a whappin thing cuz spurs make me stop cuz I haet spurs. I is very good and I gets 2 yellow ribbins even though I, Roxie, is MUCH faster than the other horses and shuld get bloo ribbins as I was the best mover. Mom sed so. Yup. We were not at that show for verry long cuz I guess they told Mom she culdn’t have a whappin thing. Good. I wish they would com tell her that wen she rides me other places too!

So that is my show ca-rear. So far. I think Mom has more fun in the English saddul so my necxt show will probably be in that one.