Thursday, July 20, 2017

Things is quiet

So. I has been Roxie remiss in my bloggy up dates.

Roxies is lazy, kina. You all know this.

But also there is not a whole lot of exciting. I does a bunch of trael miles this summer.

Sometimes I takes a pony along. Or sometimes a Fang pony. But mostly it's the Roxie show.


I do also host some people on my back for traels. Like Mom's frend Aimee.

Aimee makes me into a unicorm, which makes perfick sense if you know her or reed her horse stories:

Aimee lurves unicorms.

I also host Mom's friend Jackie.

And Mom's friend Tracey. But there is no pics of Tracey. :(

Oh, here is a thing that happens. This is confusing. Maybe you all can halp me unnerstand this.

So mom is all "You is not showing this year" and I is all "Cool. Less working."

But still I goes in the trailer. A lot.

I goes to this laydee Krista's house every time.

Krista place.

She touches me in some private places. I is like "WHUT AND WHY" but i allow this becuz Mom says to be nice and also says that all laydees gets inspected here at one time or nother.

What you doing back ther?

There is a lot of this happening, perty frequintly. So i gets used to this.

Then, I donut go for a while.

And then when I do go back, ther is some happiness. About a dot?

I don't unnerstand. Hoomins is so weird.