Saturday, November 23, 2013


Tiny Trix watching hunners go.

My Roxie trael activity which I enjoy so muchly is under temporary shutdown due to hunning season.

In case you donot know. Hunning is when you go in the woods an wack a deer and then take it home and eet it.

You can also wack a bird an then take it home and eet it, but most peeple go for deers. There is more to eet on a deer, so it is more bang for your BUCK. YOU SEE THE JOKE THAT I MAKE RIGHT THER? A "BUCK" is a BOY DEER. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Go Roxie with Roxie funnies.

Most of my fave trails are also allowed to be used by hunners. This is Ok with me, as long as I is not harmed in any way.

But mom says we must stay out of the woods for a little bit.

Friday, November 15, 2013


I is still here!


I wuld like to talk abowt jobs.

Jobs is thees things you do wen you wuld rather be eeting or doing Roxie sleeps.

My Roxie job is to carry Mom around an go where she says at what speed she says. Somtimes she demands that I lift a Roxie Back or Sholder or some such, or jomp a fense. I do these things because then I earns hays and treets and peppurmints. Also, because fense-jomping is rad.

Picshured: Fence Jomping.

Hoomins has jobs too. Mom has a hoomin job all summer. This is a stressy thing on Mom because of this job. It is far away from me, Roxie, an is unenjoyable works. As a reesult, I gets a lot of time off this summer! This is grate, except for the part where I has becom kina heavy. :(

Given my Roxie heaviness, Mom has scaled back my jomping fun. BUT. I do gets to go on more trail rides. 


Sometimes theese rides is me by myself.

Som times I goes with Holly the nayber an her splotchy horse Gidget.

Som times we goes in the almost-dark!

Some times Mom rides on traels on a tiny Trixie too. But this is un important.

Oh, and also. We rides around in the pasture. Mom an Mom's Matt builded me a Roxie shelter and i will totally carry you over to check it out frum the inside. 


So any ways. Mom had a busy because of her Job. But this job is all done now. So ther will be more Roxie advenchers! And Mom my typer can do more typing about these.

'Bout TIME.