Friday, October 31, 2008

Lessins Part Too

I goed for another lessin!


That wuz me in my Roxie trailur eeting hay foods.

Heer is me som more. In my trailur. I refoosed to scootch my Roxie butt into the cornur as i em trying to convinse Mom to have the front spaece of the trailur embiggened.


Trainer Woman sed lots and lots of "YES!" and "BYOOTIFUL CANNER!" and she sed i is such a Cute Girl and a Good Girl. And i WUZ a Good Girl and i em lerning that Scary Door isn't reelly so Scary.
What IS Scary is that one of the areena mirrirs is busted. I di'int spook at this but I did heer that it is cuz there is a draft cross like me who is NOT a Good Girl an when Trainer Woman and Dressage Cowboy Guy tryd to put a saddul on her, she goed CRAZY and ran arownd bucking and bucking and bukcing and freeking out an she JUMPED into the mirrir. Who JUMPS in to a mirrir? Not me, i ashure you.
I, Roxie, was unaware that ther is CRAZY horses of this level in the wurlds.
Which maekes me feel evun better about being such a Good Girl.
I em pleesed to report that i got Hay foods in the trailur and Grain Foods when i returned to my horse house. Oh, but i am not pleesed to report that i am in Horse Prison, with a electrick fence that bites hard. :( All b-cuz i excaped to see Rex agin.
Mom did get new improoved grain foods. Mebbe i shuld write about this.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One bad thing . . .

Trainer Woman sed Mom must carrey a Wip. :-(


So it coms to pass that I, ROXIE, goes to the Lessin Place and talks to the Trainer Woman. An it is NOT liek Roommate Horse sed it was liek. I meen, yes, there is all sorts of other horses, an they flurt with yu and say they love you, an there is a big areena and you get rided arownd. But it is HARD. An there is mirrirrs wher you can see your own Roxie self, an a Scary Door that is Scary to go past, an you haev to trot a BUNCH of trots, and then the Trainer Woman sez to canner and you have to canner and canner and canner until you is breething SO hard you is goin to die. :-(

Still. Trainer Woman sed I, Roxie, is byootiful and i is a Nice Girl and i has po-ten-shull. An i did not die, so that is somthing. Everyone who wuz watchin sez i did SO good and i am SO cute! Yay for me! Roxie!

I also got picsures frum the Flash Box. They are grainey like Grain Foods cuz of the lites. And yes, i got Hays in the trailur on the way there, and Grain Foods when i wuz done and back at my Horse House home with Roommate Horse.

This is a cyute picsure of me, Roxie. Mom looks terrubble an that maeks me look evun better! Ha.

I haev another lessin in a week! Hooray for Roxie!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I is the best

I, Roxie, is the best.

I is the best b-cuz somtimes i do EXACKLY what I is told. I pick up my feets good an I stand good for saddelin an i let Mom goof arownd with my bridel an figger out where my Roxie bit shuld go. An then i stand good for mownting and then i NECK-RAIN like it is the most boringest thing in the wurld and i has been doing it for a hunnert years. and then I, Roxie, CANNER when Mom asks for a canner, and i also gets propper LEEDS when i is cannering. Ha! It turns out wen i do all these things that i only get rided for like 10 minnits cuz Mom is impressed with how good i is, and then i get grain foods. Hooray!

I must remember this. Being good ekwals grain foods.

I go for a Lessin tonite. i don' know whut that is but i hope grain foods are involvded in this thing. Also i hope the Flash Box is involvded so you all can see my puffy Roxie Fashun Coat.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hee hee hee

I, Roxie, is skilld in the use of strategery. Here is som examples of how I, Roxie, use this to get whut it is that I wants:

1) Junyor Olympeean has LEFT the barn alreddy. Mebbe she reeds my Roxie blog. :-) or mebbe its cuz i told all the other horses abowt her and they all nicker-snickered at her all the tiem. Okay, so mebbe i di'int do that. But I, Roxie, SHULD have.

2) I haev SUCKSEEDED in not beeing taken on any trail rides this fall so far. It turns owt that Roommate Horse is MUCH bettur at keepin up with other horses so she go's on them now. HA.

3) I is gettin shaggy. Winnter is comin and I is growin a puffy coat and it is Bay-Roan wich is all the rage in places wher they care abowt Fashun. I heer about Fashun a lot. Fashun is why my pink saddle pad goes with my pink leg-raps. Yup.

That is all. I shuld post picsures of me soon befor you all forgit what it is that i look liek.