Friday, October 17, 2008

I is the best

I, Roxie, is the best.

I is the best b-cuz somtimes i do EXACKLY what I is told. I pick up my feets good an I stand good for saddelin an i let Mom goof arownd with my bridel an figger out where my Roxie bit shuld go. An then i stand good for mownting and then i NECK-RAIN like it is the most boringest thing in the wurld and i has been doing it for a hunnert years. and then I, Roxie, CANNER when Mom asks for a canner, and i also gets propper LEEDS when i is cannering. Ha! It turns out wen i do all these things that i only get rided for like 10 minnits cuz Mom is impressed with how good i is, and then i get grain foods. Hooray!

I must remember this. Being good ekwals grain foods.

I go for a Lessin tonite. i don' know whut that is but i hope grain foods are involvded in this thing. Also i hope the Flash Box is involvded so you all can see my puffy Roxie Fashun Coat.


Maybe Mae said...

Puffy Roxie Fashion Coat galore!!

I'm a little nervous for you and your lesson. I, uh, hope it won't take too much out of you...just think of the grain foods waiting for you at the end!

Maximus said...

hey. because you're my girlfriend on the internets, I gave you a prize. Come to my blog and claim it.

cdncowgirl said...

I'm sure your mom will give you grain foods after the lesson. My kids get grain foods if they have to do any kind of "work" (such as barrel racing)

Zoe said...

Roxie help, I tried your way and I still don't get any grain. I am wasting away. My human says I am too fat and don't need it. What can I do?

Roxie said...

Hum . . . you shuld do yer best Horse Picsure face an make yer eyes all big and brown and goopy and blink a lot and flop your lips. That uzuallee works for me, Roxie. It mite only get you a hand-full of Grain Foods, which is nothing at all. But only a hand-full cannot possiblee maek a diffrince in yr diet! :-)

Maximus said...

Have you tried making your best carrot face? my carrot face is arching my neck and tucking my chin like the stud I am and pointing my ears at the fridge. If that fails then I do the carrot dance by half passing back and forth in the crossties and sometimes piaffe-ing.

and Roxie my dear, did you see your prize? It's not carrots or even sugars, but it's good.