Sunday, May 12, 2024

Trael time

Hi frends!

I is Roxie and I is still heer.

It's quiet at my horse house. The smol ponies has taken most the response-ability of showing them selves off and getting ribbins so mostly I just hang out and do traels.

I do get poked with go go joint juice to make this more comfortable for my Roxieness.

K wow I can't make these pics be in ordor. But here's me an Piper being the cutest team.

An here's me at the veternerien for getting poked with go juice.

An then here's me working out my go go joint juice.

There may be more to reeport. Gimme a sec to check my notes.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Big New Frend Announcement

I gets a new frend! Her name is Piper.

She comes from Montana Land. From a place that saves draft horeses.

I gets her last spring but I tells you just now. 

She looks like me!

Tell us apart??

I like her. I wuld like her more better if she was not suddenly the boss of me. (But in seekrit, is nice to no longer haev to be Boss Mare and to be responsibble for the safety of all horses ever.)

She is older then me so excsept for being boss, she duzn't have to have a job. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2024


So relly the snow isn't so bad. I have much hairs and much foods and so this is fine.

I do still posess strong feelings about being rided in it tho.