Sunday, March 20, 2016

I is Trael Guide

So wen you is Roxie. Your bigness and stedyness means that you get given Importent Jobs. Like you will carry some one who has never relly been on a horse befor, because you is Roxie and you is big and trusty.

Heer is me carrying Mom's bruther from a wile back:

Or liek you will be the Pony Horse bc you are a leader:

It is good to be trusty.

So becuz of this. I is Sweet Potato's leader horse on her first trail expedishun. We just goes down the rode, but she is all looky and boogle eyed at all the peeple and cars and sheeps and other horses and mail boxes and dogs and powerbox things and culvurts and that one guy who was shooting a gun, so it is good for me to be there.

Especially when this shaggy monnster-thing comes gallumphing over. Mom hadn't got on yet, which was good becuz Potater was all Whirlsnort Hightail.

But she did good! Becuz I is Roxie an I is a good example.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Oh and also

And also. Sweet Potater and I gets to come back to Mom's house.

It is a stormie day so the sky does Cool Stuff.

Potato goes all Crayzee Legs:

We settels down evenshually tho.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


So wen i last lefft you all. Potatoe an I was pony partying at the Nice Place with the Indoor Areena.

Well that carried on for a bit, exsept for the part were my back was all owwie.

I may or may not haev done some thing in the passture. I know what it is, but I is not gonna tell.

Therfore, you may only know that my back was sore this wintur.

Wher my pelvis hooks on, was all ouchie an swole up.

So anyways. Mom does a suitable Mom Freekout an calls all the massahje and kiroprakter people.

They plays with me a little but no dice on betterment. So then Mom calls a vet lady.

I do not like vets, even if they is Lady Vets. Vets all act like they want to be your frend but deep down you KNOW they is gonna ram strangle juice into your poor Roxie nose. ~>:(

This one did not do that. Insted she goes over my back and leg with a lazur thingy.  

This lazur thing makes me all warm and flowy in my sticky spots! And then i is all better for reals! Like over night. It is crayzee.

So then I feels good exsept then Mom is all "Back to work Roxieeeee" and I say nuts to that. Except that work right now is just walking arownd so it is not so bad.