Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So. Living with Mom at her humin house is nice, but for one thing.

There is no indoor areena.

All outdoors. No indoors.

This means lots of things for a Roxie.

Sum times, we go ride on freezy ground. Not slippey or icey, just very cold.

Other times, I gets in my trailur and we goes out to areenas.

Heer is one that I go to. For dressagey things.

Heer is another one. I do dressagey stuff and side-ways things here too.

Heer is Trixie doing works in another one. She gets all Snotty Pony about this:

Heer is an other one. This one is reel big. This one has a lots of jomps but I is not allowed to jomp them. I *is* allowed to gallup arownd in this one. I is so skeered in here. It is sooper clean and bright an well-lit, so it is skeery. Thus I gallups like a Bananas Cray-Z Roxie.

Heer is yet another areena. I IS allowed to jomp these jomps:

This one is a cool place. There is lots of peopel here an they ALL loves on me and feeds me treets and says I is the best horse. :]

Also. This plaece has a hot walker.

And also, I gets my verry own Boots The Cat.

Mom says we is heddin out for an advenchure soon. I, Roxie, will let you all know how this goes!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Happie Vallentine Day to my Roxie reeders! I luvs you all and exspeshully if you bring me carrits.

Heer. I maekes you a Vallentine heart. With a Roxie hoof print an some icees.