Friday, March 30, 2018

I'm back, baybee

So. It has been a wile!

Sorry for the delayz.

Bloggering is more easier when your hooman has a office job.

Any ways. Update time!

Fang is a reel show horse. Even for not being rided, there are still ribbin and trophy chances I guess.


Potater goes to fancy prancy barn and does fancy prancing all winter. She is smug about this also.


Potato’s sister ranomly appears. Like her actual sister. I think they come from the same mister.

Potato sister is called Robin.

She is at a trainer lady becuz of mom being short on time.

And also becuz of Robin being a big dipthong about trailurs but I isn't sposed to know this.

Last and not least. BebboRoxie and I is still here. We has just been hangin out getting peddacures and grains. It snowed a hole bunch this winter and pritty much just melted like a couple days ago. 

If yuo is looking at my Roxie Horse power instantgram. You know that Vet laydee checks me and gives me shots to keep the beebee safe. She predickts May 14th baby time.

This is gonna hurt probly. Not looking forwurd to that. But lookin forwurd to baby!!

Yay baby!

Babby baby baby.

OK bye for now.