Monday, December 30, 2013


Does you all reememmer this post? Where there is kittin cats?

Heer is a up date.

2 of thees kittins comes home with Mom.

They is giant an lazy now.

Heer they is, holding down Uncle Scott. He is perturbded by this. 

That is all.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I LOVE Crismiss so much!

You gets free things just becuz someone loves you. Like loves on its own isn't enuff.

So anyways. Mom gets me 2 flavored licks for Crismiss!

I gets peppermint. And carrot flavor.

I spose Trixie gets nothing? But I will gladly share with her. This is my choise, and it is NOT becuze Trixie bosses me or any thing like that.

(Editor's note: Trixie is boss mare, in a big way.)

I also gets some alf for dinner. Normallee, alf is reserved for when it is super cold out. And I has been promissed a new Roxie rope haltur to replace the one that I has mangled.  

Happie Crismiss to every one! I hope you all gets nice stuff in addishun to your everyday loves too.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Chase!

One of my favrite ways to be Roxie rided is The Chase.

This refers to wen I goes out an chases after som thing or someone.

Usually the chasee is Mom's Matt on a bysickle.

Bysickles are skeery machines that make weerd pingy noises. I do not likes them much, except wen they is in front of me an running away.

Then I will chase them so bad. Even on hard freezy ground, wen it is raining.

I will run to catch up too. I may not dig a bysickle, but I also donut dig beeing left alone out in the woods.

Then, afterwards. You is all Roxie swetty becuz Mom does not shave you this year. So you stand in the cold and you steem for a second.
Picshured: steem.
 Then you gets a whole mess of coolers put on you.

This first one is a cotton mesh which will ab sorb all your swetts.

Mesh does not keep you warms, tho. So hurry up with the next cooler.

Your pink cooler goes over your meshy one. So the meshy one ab sorbs all your wets, an the pink one keeps you warm under there.

Hay there.

Then you yawn because you is BORED with all this fussing. 

Then you gets to walk around, and maybe eet a little old grasses, until you is all dried out.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

LOL onna rope halter

So. You know how horse peepul is all "I use ROPE HALTURS becuz they is SO STRONG an SO UNBRAKEABLE."

Well. These rope halturs has not met a ROXIE before! HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Mom is all "This is my hoomin fault for not using both chin loopies." She does NOT admit that this is also her hoomin fault for scaring a Roxie an making a Roxie deecide to get gone frum the tie post.

In con clusion. Roxie - 1, Rope haltur - 0.