Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Chase!

One of my favrite ways to be Roxie rided is The Chase.

This refers to wen I goes out an chases after som thing or someone.

Usually the chasee is Mom's Matt on a bysickle.

Bysickles are skeery machines that make weerd pingy noises. I do not likes them much, except wen they is in front of me an running away.

Then I will chase them so bad. Even on hard freezy ground, wen it is raining.

I will run to catch up too. I may not dig a bysickle, but I also donut dig beeing left alone out in the woods.

Then, afterwards. You is all Roxie swetty becuz Mom does not shave you this year. So you stand in the cold and you steem for a second.
Picshured: steem.
 Then you gets a whole mess of coolers put on you.

This first one is a cotton mesh which will ab sorb all your swetts.

Mesh does not keep you warms, tho. So hurry up with the next cooler.

Your pink cooler goes over your meshy one. So the meshy one ab sorbs all your wets, an the pink one keeps you warm under there.

Hay there.

Then you yawn because you is BORED with all this fussing. 

Then you gets to walk around, and maybe eet a little old grasses, until you is all dried out.


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