Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I LOVE Crismiss so much!

You gets free things just becuz someone loves you. Like loves on its own isn't enuff.

So anyways. Mom gets me 2 flavored licks for Crismiss!

I gets peppermint. And carrot flavor.

I spose Trixie gets nothing? But I will gladly share with her. This is my choise, and it is NOT becuze Trixie bosses me or any thing like that.

(Editor's note: Trixie is boss mare, in a big way.)

I also gets some alf for dinner. Normallee, alf is reserved for when it is super cold out. And I has been promissed a new Roxie rope haltur to replace the one that I has mangled.  

Happie Crismiss to every one! I hope you all gets nice stuff in addishun to your everyday loves too.

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