Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Roxy is not the same Roxie as I is

Mom has asked me to tell you all that this is not me.
I, Roxie, is fine.

Trapped horse rescued from hole in NE Portland

by KGW Staff
Posted on March 27, 2012 at 8:17 AM

PORTLAND, OR – Portland Firefighters pulled a horse out of a hole in Northeast Portland, near the Columbia Edgewater Country Club early Monday evening.
The mare named "Roxy" was grazing in her pasture when she apparently stood over an old septic tank which collapsed under her weight.
Owner Martha Johnston says they're not sure how long Roxy was caught in the collapse before they found her but she figures it wasn't very long. The 34 year old horse was going into shock from trying to get out of the hole. Johnston said she realized she couldn't get her out, so called 911.
"We were lucky one of the Portland firefighters was from central Oregon," remarked Johnston, "He's done this before so knew how to get her out."
The rope rescue team was called and wrapped hoses around the exhausted horse. They were able to lift the mare up and forward just eight minutes after they arrived. Roxy laid on the ground for a couple minutes before getting to her feet with help from firefighters.
Johnston says Roxy has a three inch cut on her knee from a jagged piece of metal in the septic tank. A veterinarian treated the cut with antibiotics and wrapped it in a soft cast. The horse also has bruises on her shoulders and rump from struggling to get out.
Johnson said a couple hours after her ordeal, Roxy was eating and drinking which is a good sign she'll be alright.
Johnston says "the firefighters were great this afternoon. Roxy is a sweet old horse that we love dearly."

Monday, March 26, 2012


So just wen I thinks I may haev Roxie faith an trust in Mom again--

She subjeckts me to Veternary Mans.

I get bad hurty neck-shots, an they steals my bludd, an my Roxie teef get grinded.

I can barely shuffle a Roxie feets to ware I must stand an rest until I stops being so woozy.

I is SO sleepy. An drooly.

My Roxie face-cheeks is swollen a liddle from this too. This gets me out of Roxie works for a cuple days tho, so is not ALL bad.

Mom has teef work done reesintly too. So she stays wif me an pets me an tells me I was a Good Roxie for a relly long time until I feels better. She has a Simpathy.