Thursday, December 19, 2019

How to brake in a new bridel

So the best way to brake in a new bridel is not anything like you mayhaps have read.

You do not need to oils it, or works it around in your hands, or do anything special.

You put it on and go riding.

Ideally you go on a big swety trail ride and that does the trick.

But if your bridel arrives in November and it is cold and there is no swetting really. You can just put it on and wear it around.

Like here for example. I takes it on the trail and finds a bunch of deer insides.

Interesting, mildly.

I suspose you could also go out and get it rained on. But whatever.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Roxie bridel

So. You all remmemer voting on a Roxie bridle.

It has finally arrived.

Its name is Otto

I am pleased to report that the final design was not even a choice in the voting, so ha ha.

But anyway it is lovvly on me.

So now when i does trail stuff i is the fanciest horse in the forest. As it should be.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Trael secrets

So I has lerned a secret of being on the trael.

I has lerned that if the trail is good and clear, Mommish will make me do trotting. or sometimes cannering.

I hate this.

So given a choice. I crashes thru the woods insted.

Like here is a example.

There is a perfectly good trael like 20 feets to my left. But I do not want! ha ha ha

Let us roller skate over sticks in sted.