Saturday, March 15, 2014


So. How is this for a rando thing.

Right after Mom gets Roommate Horse back, liek 2 days after. It is the middle of the night an a laydee comes to Mom's house. She is all "OH MAH GAW OH MAH GAW YOUR BIG HORSE IS IN MAH YARD SHE GOT OUT SOME HOW." So mom RUNNS outside in her jammies an I is in my passture. Also in my jammies. So Mom is all "Well it is not mah horse but I will com save you any ways."

So she walks over and fiddles with this strange horse an then brings him to our passtures. He is lost an skeered an probly hungry so Mom gives him hays.

he is also kind of ugglie but we will not talk about that becuz it is meen. 
Heer is a cuter pic.

Mom finds his owner evenshually on the innernet. She says he runnded through a fence a-cuz of seeing a moose.
So she comes and gets him. Which, I say is good, becuz he was probly gonna eat all the Roxie hays. And those is my hays.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


So, this is funnie an also weerd.

Trixie an I is hanging out in the passtures an minding our own bizness. Mom leaves with my trailur an I is all "Huh. well OK." And then she comes back with it and there is a horse in it! And it is ROOMMATE HORSE!
Do you guys remember Roommate Horse?

She has been living in Idaho with a trail rider laydee. Now she is back heer to live! Mom says it is becuz Trix needs a baby sitter. 

She is pretty skinnie. So mom is all "Heer, have a passture all to your self with all the hay an grain you want."
So of course, Roommate Horse ignores this. 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clinick Adventure!

So mom is all "Enuf of this weather" an she (pays a girl some dollars to) shaves off all my Roxie hairs so's I can go get rided in slightly more nicer weather.

Nekkid Roxie is NSFW

I gets in my Roxie trailur an off we goes!

Evenshually we gets to Toolip Springs. I has been heer before an i reemembers this. But I purtend that I do not, an that all things must be looked at closely.



More whoa!


Hello, water feeture!

I'ma drink this! YOM

Then i gets my own Roxie stall, with hay and grains and watters. Eventually I falls asleeps.

I is heer for two days. Ther is a man heer who watches an says nice things and tells mom how to be a better Roxie rider.

The first day, we does stick jomping:


Then the secund day. We does xc jomping!

There is lots more picsures available to you by clicking here.

Then i gets to go home! This trailur ride seems to take longer an also to be much colder.

But at leest I gets to be home again! And mom has pervided me with a Roxie blanket an a cozy Roxie hoodie. Thotful!

Heer is me modeling it for you.

I is all ready for show seeson!