Friday, January 9, 2015


I goes to a clinic a little bit ago. I is pretty fuzzed up and out of shaepe, so I does only a liddle bit of jomping. I also does a hole bunch of trot poles.

I is The Best at trot poles. The trainer lady puts them on a sircle and even raises them to make them more harder, but I still shames all the other horses by being so good.

We does some jomping too, thru a thing that is a X to a one stride and then a bouncey to an other one stride.

I is SO GOOD at this, except for a small thing with wacking the first X and killing it some. But after this, I is grate. And this excercize makes Mom sit up an stop being a big lump thing.

Clinic: mission ackomplished!

Oh. Mulva the Roommate Horse goed and did a day too.

She kept runnding away with Mom. Heh. This all makes Roxie look like Perfict Roxie.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Crismiss updates

So. Happy Crismiss!

I receeves all the things I want. Namely, i gets more hay and even some alfs. And I gets a pan of GRAIN. And I gets a whole tub of peppurmints.

Theese kind.

These is the best ever. No other horses heer like these, so they is mine all Roxie mine.

I also gets a saddul but in truth this isn't a Roxie present cuz I have many sadduls already. This is a MOM present. 

It is a dressahzj saddle. But it is used unappropriately with Mom. I has only dressahzjed in it one time. The other times, it goes and works cows. 

You cannut see. But it is there.

And it also does unappropriate service when I pulls a skier person.

I pulls Mom on skis too. 

Ther is a hole bunch of peppurmints for me with this ski nonsense because I is so good. :)

Happy Crissmiss everyone!