Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Woopsies for not posting. I is still Roxie, and I is still here.

There is lots going on in my Roxie life, but not somuch that I cannut report it. So I must apologize for the lateness of my typer hoomin.

Here is a up date on some things. There is lots of picsures, so get your own self reddy!

Some mens com and tears all my Roxie fences out:


A gaete. But no fense.

But then more mens come and puts up new improved Roxie fences.

You may per haps see a tiny red buttocksie in thees picsures. This is because a teeny red baby horse arrives.

She is a verry nice little baby. But I still pins my ears at her!

I goes on lots of trael rides:

There is goose babies over there!

Ther is a AIRPLANE there. I loves theese.

And to a Roxie dressahzj show:

And I does cow chasing too!:

I gets better at this cow chasing as the night goes:

I gets branded which is a horruble thing where a veternary man hurts your buttocksie. I haete this. >:\

I is SOOOOOOOOOOO angery with Mom about this. But then, my winter hay shows up! Hooray for Roxie foods! So i forgives Mom.

We does lots of jomping too, but there is never a person around for picsures. So you just must imagine this.