Tuesday, September 1, 2015


That was sooper not-nice ov me to be alls "I gets hurt a lot" an then to not blog post for TOO MONTHS.

I is sorrie.

Anyways. I does have one more Roxie Injuree, but this is a small thing.

The bugs. They is so so bad. The leetle black flys keeps nibbling me an i gets stung by a bee an i gets SO ITCHYYYYYYY ALL OVER MY ROXIE BODY.

I rubs out my maene and Roxie tail.

That is all my maene onna ground. :(

I rubs a hole in my neck. :( :( :( But I cannut help it you guys, i is so dang itchee.

Ouch. :(
Mom washes this with gunk, an then puts more gunk on, but I still itches from the in sides of me.

So now I has to be on Roxie Medisine. Boo.

Fooey on this summer. This summer is domb.