Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Too-day is my ofishully designated Roxie BURTHDAY.
This is a good day.
This morning Mom is all "Roxie I is going to ride you" and I is all "No huh, it is my Birthday. I gets to do what I want." So Mom is all "Oh yeah, I will maek you a Roxie treet cake an brush your Roxie tail out and trim your bridel path an let you do whut EVER you want!"
So heer is what is for my burthday.

I gets a PEDDACURE! With foot paints an JEWWLS!

An I get all kinds of Roxie treets.

An i gets to do what I always want to do--NEKKID GRAEZING!

An I gets a BOW in my Roxie forelocksie! A PINK bow!

An I gets a new pink Roxie currie brush! Mom forgets a picsure of this tho.

An I duz MORE nekkid graezing! Yup!

An Mom draws an art portrit of me.

An i gets a Roxie Treet Cake with SEVVIN ginger snaps. Cuz I is sevvin. Ther is a brown shugar cone thing in the middel too.

Happie Burthday to me! Roxieeeeeee!