Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Veternary Man

A veternary man coms to see me, Roxie, yesserday. So's you all no, I, Roxie, does not LIEK a Veternary Man. They ALLWAYS steal my Roxie bludd. An this time is no diffrint. Except for more leg poking.
Heer is me not trusting a veternary man who is a laydee.


Seriosly. Give me back my bludd.

Any ways. After bludd stealing, there is pushing an poking my back Roxie leg.

I haete this.

Then there is lots of flexing and streching and trodding me. An lunging me. This goes on for EVER. For hours an hours.

I want this to stop. I cannot speek but I can most certinly make "please stop" eyes at the Laydee Veternary Man.

Theese eyes does not work. :(
I is mad at Mom over this hole thing. An for taeking picsures of my Roxie mizzery. Grain foods after does NOT exscuse this. >:|

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It is CRISSMISS again!
I gets a NEW Roxie stalking. And insides this is Roxie preszents. For me. Roxie.

Mom shows me all my Roxie preszents.

I gets me a new Roxie bit.

An I gets some cool goopies to go on my legs.

An I gets a hole bunch of candee canes.

But I haev desided that I, Roxie, is watching my pritty figure. So I spits them out! Ha ha ha!

See, I is un impressd by sugars.

Then I gets grain foods. An I goes snuffling arownd in the snows for extra grains an evryone thinks it is REEL FUNNY when I gets a snowey Roxie nosie.


Happie Crissmiss!