Saturday, January 1, 2011


It is CRISSMISS again!
I gets a NEW Roxie stalking. And insides this is Roxie preszents. For me. Roxie.

Mom shows me all my Roxie preszents.

I gets me a new Roxie bit.

An I gets some cool goopies to go on my legs.

An I gets a hole bunch of candee canes.

But I haev desided that I, Roxie, is watching my pritty figure. So I spits them out! Ha ha ha!

See, I is un impressd by sugars.

Then I gets grain foods. An I goes snuffling arownd in the snows for extra grains an evryone thinks it is REEL FUNNY when I gets a snowey Roxie nosie.


Happie Crissmiss!


Barbara said...

Happy New Year, Roxie. Glad your Crissmiss was good.

Jeni said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Roxie!

Bif said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday, Roxie!

Dreaming said...

Oh, Roxie, you are the luckiest. Our Mrs. Owner went away and left us with a lousy housesitter. Santa didn't leave us anything. Our Mrs. Owner didn't leave us anything and the lousy housesitter didn't bring us anything. And...we've been good boys all year (well, except for a few times when we weren't so good!)

Happy New Year...

Love, Doc & Pippin (We love big girls!)

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Merry Christmas Roxie

Funder said...

Send those candy canes to Dixie, please. She is a piglet and she'll make them disappear. She says you can keep the rest of the stuff though.

allhorsestuff said...

Roxie mare..You are so loved!

Love your prezzies...I too got a New Bit( I like bitless better)but this one is alright. I spit out the candystuffs too...don't they know, it isn't good for us..well be selective,, hold out for the good stuffs Rox!
Happy Neigh Year!

Wa mare and her KK girl

Zoe said...

Happy new year Roxie xx. I got beer in my dinner twice. yum.