Monday, June 16, 2008

Tack: Part One in a Serees

Hallo. Today I is doin a blog enterey about tack.

Peepul is always like, “Roxie, you is so beyootiful!” an I say “Thank you, it is true.” An then peepul is like, “Roxie, you is the Best Horse!” an I say “yes, this also is true.” An then peepul sez, “Whut sort of a saddul is to be used on a horse as beyootiful and wonnerful and bestest as you?”

So heer is the first part of the answer to that quest-yun.

I is rided in too sorts of sadduls—English and Wessturn. Today I is writin bout my wessturn saddul.

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This is a Bob. All I heer Mom call it is a Bob but I did some reesurch on the e-bay and found out it is a Bob Marshall Saddul. It is Tree-less. Tree-less meens that ther is nothin rigid in the saddul. An it also meens the saddul flexes and can get widerer for those of us with beyootiful wide comfortubble backs and can also flex to get more narro-rer for narro horses like Roommate Horse who have sharp pointy backs. I loves my Bob. It is flexy and sofft and delishus and it is decurrated in silvers to be befitting of a horse such as me, Roxie, who is the Best Horse and desurves the Best Saddle.
L8ter—Part 2 of the Serees.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hee hee hee

So me, Roxie, goed out on grass pasture ALL WEEK-END. Hooray! Roommate Horse wuz there too but she hangd out at the farr end of the pasture neer her new boyfrend Devon. Devon is nice but he is a turrowbred like Roommate Horse an so he is tall and skinnie and not-my-type.

So at the end of the week-end Mom come and git us to go back in the horse house paddock for dinner. An I think she thot she wuz clever by ketching both me an Roommate Horse at the saem time an walking us back togethur. This don’t work reelly cuz Roommate Horse walks reelly fast an I, Roxie, walk like Royelty—slow an deliberite. So Mom is in the middul gettin rippded in haff cuz Roommate Horse is draggin her forewurd and I is draggin her the other way.

This is funnie. :-) Mom wuznt reelly laffin tho.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


As promissed.

You all stay away! He is MY man frend.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I seen Mom and Hay Lady talkin’ to each othur an lookin’ at me. Hay Lady sez she is mad at me, Roxie! I hav no ideeuh why.

Altho mebbe it has somthin to do with the fackt that I is escaping my paddock somtimes to go see my boyfrend Rex. Rex is dreemy. He is a Bellgian an he is tall and blond. I, Roxie, will put a picsure up of him soon as long as you reeders all promiss not to get jelos of me for havin him as my Roxie boyfrend.