Monday, June 9, 2008

Hee hee hee

So me, Roxie, goed out on grass pasture ALL WEEK-END. Hooray! Roommate Horse wuz there too but she hangd out at the farr end of the pasture neer her new boyfrend Devon. Devon is nice but he is a turrowbred like Roommate Horse an so he is tall and skinnie and not-my-type.

So at the end of the week-end Mom come and git us to go back in the horse house paddock for dinner. An I think she thot she wuz clever by ketching both me an Roommate Horse at the saem time an walking us back togethur. This don’t work reelly cuz Roommate Horse walks reelly fast an I, Roxie, walk like Royelty—slow an deliberite. So Mom is in the middul gettin rippded in haff cuz Roommate Horse is draggin her forewurd and I is draggin her the other way.

This is funnie. :-) Mom wuznt reelly laffin tho.


cdncowgirl said...

Just found your blog Roxie and I love it!
My horses don't have internet access so I write for them, check it out if you want to... we live up north in Saskatchewan.

Janet Roper said...

Hi Roxie,
Shiloh says there's no need to walk fast - you miss too much and you've got more of a chance of getting grass if you walk slowly and deliberately.


Roxie said...

whoo, Sass-katcheewahn! I herd that is where grain foods comes from. Thank u for grain foods!
I is makin frends all over teh place.
An also I agree with Shiloh that slow walkin is best. This is troo also uv slow trottin and slow cannering an just slowness in generull.
The only Fast Roxie Thing i do is eet.

Funder said...

Roxie - I shall try to remember that my Poppy is walking like the prince that he is. He is not deliberately trying to make me mad. He just has a lot of inertia.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Gawd I hope the famous "Rip the human in half" trick by the horses of the barn!
Another personal fav of mine is "rip the human's arm out of the socket" while I bite a fly :-x grrrr