Friday, April 14, 2017

Did I tell you guys I finded a antler?

Because I totally did.

I finded a ANTLER thing.

Right there, doy.

Mom is super excited for this, which i do nut care about.

No care I.

But she gives me treets and says ther is more treets if I finds more antlers. And this I do care about.

I do not finds more antlers that day but I does find a skull to which mom says "close enouf" and i gets treets.

Skull Roxie.
Yay for bone collectin!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Even Roxies has a bad day

Fitniss is being attained.

I unnerstand that many of you hoomins in the innernet world probly sees my Roxie greatness and is all "Dang baby you is super great and awesom." And this is troo for the most part.

But even Roxies can has a bad day. Like yesterday this happens.

I carries Mom around and is such a good Roxie except for when I spooked at a tweet bird. But other than this. We trotted around and did off roading and found some ded animal bones and things.

Business as usual.
I comes back home and Mom puts me on the hitch rail and gives me my graim. But then i hears the hot wire thing be all "SNAP" against some metal and I is all "OH GOSH DANG NO WAY I GOTTA GO." Becuz som times you just gotta leave.

But then.

There is no leaving.

I tryed my very hardest to brake my rope. But no.



But then this hurts so i gives it up.

Not sorry.
I wish I might say this only happens one time. But Mom is all "You stupid Roxie is being so super stupid" and some other mean things to me. So then she goes back to brushing me liek nothing is wrong! And does NOT fix the scarey wire. So i pulls back again. And again. And one more time. And then ok once more. And maybe one more time after that.

So today I has a rope burn and a hurty nog and Mom has to call a chiro lady to come out soon and put my head back on. 

I ashure you I probly lerns nothing from this experience tho. 

So yeah. Even Roxies has a bad day.