Friday, April 14, 2017

Did I tell you guys I finded a antler?

Because I totally did.

I finded a ANTLER thing.

Right there, doy.

Mom is super excited for this, which i do nut care about.

No care I.

But she gives me treets and says ther is more treets if I finds more antlers. And this I do care about.

I do not finds more antlers that day but I does find a skull to which mom says "close enouf" and i gets treets.

Skull Roxie.
Yay for bone collectin!


kaity said...

Good girl, Roxie!

CMO Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio said...

Roxie, would you like to do a product review or blog give away of some really pretty colored tack? If so please write to me (dang that hooves and keyboard thing) at Be sure to put the name of your blog in the subject line. Thanks! Jacke

Cathryn said...

Super cool!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I wonder if horses can be trained to find antlers like dogs can. Antlers can go for good money!