Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fenses an Roun Pen

So my new Roxie fenses is all done.

 In addition to mah new fenses. Mom bilds a Roun Pen also. So i may go into this and do workings.

Some of this is fun stuff. Like I goes in here an we does ground workings. I plays with movin away from preshures, and stomping on my leed rope, and the Big Pink Socker Ball, an things like so.

Some of this is not-fun stuff. Like when I com in here and get side rains on, an I has to do Roxie works in them.

I haete flexing at a poll. >:(

Other horses comes in here for things also. Like Roommate Horse goes in heer to test out her new green sparkley Horse Footies.

And that sweet little baby horse goes here to learn how to ware Horse Boots and a baby bridle.

All babies make faces atta camera box.
She lerns to do ground works an to stomple her leed rope too. You cannut panick or go any wheres in this roun pen so this is a good place for all this.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Herd up-date

So. I would liek to up-date every one on the status of mah Roxie herd.

I is still here.

Roomate Horse and her weerd white spots is still here.


Sweetie Baby is still here.

Trixie goed off to live with a trael rider lady. 

Everyone is much happier. Trix loves her new lady, and us horses here is now much less kick-bitten. 

A big new horse arrives not long after Trixie leaves.

He is a bigger and oglier version of Roommate Horse. 

He is big and skinnie and has a bum leg. A steddy stream of horse helper hoomans comes to see him. He gets chiro pracking, and massahzjes. And all these vets and hoof people comes. Sometimes they look at him, sometimes they watch him move, som times they feel his bum leg and be all "mutter mutter" about it.

Finally one vet comes an he has a fancie mochine that sees thru your skins. He puts the seeing thing on Big Ogly and is all "Ooh, this isn't look good." And mom goes all sad about it.

I donut think his bum leg can get less bum. :(

He goed to a new veternary man yesserday. An he did not come back. And then Mom comes back and hugs me an is all sniffelly. I donot know what he did to make her be so sad.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spur face

Wat are you doing, Mom?

Seriosly. You donut need to buckle on the big spurs for us to do jomping.

I is Un-Amused Roxie.