Thursday, August 28, 2014

Roxie showwin

So. I goes to a Roxie show.

This is one of those eeze shows wher you does dressahzj an then you gets to rest for a bit and then you does jomping.

Gettin' reddy.

Being all Serios. 


Mom seems happie with this dressahzj blah blah. So that is all good. There is video for those who watches this.

Then I goes an rests an eets FOOD. That is the best of any day really. 

Then it is Jompy Time!



There is video of this too. There is a good part of this video (0:45) wher Mom is all "Hay Roxie I will fail you an dump you into a 2-stride an then beg you to save me! And you WILL becuz you is the best horse!"

So any ways, I does jomping. I jomps ALL fenses an there is no nocks or rails! Then I is all done! An i gets treets an grains an a bath an BODY RUB. Because I is Roxie an I is a athleet. :}

I earns this pritty ribbin too! Mom says this should be a red one but whut ever. It is just ribbins. Again, you cannut eet these so it is non-importent.

And we is all happie together. 

Good Roxie!