Monday, November 21, 2016

Better bludd!

I haev mostly better bludd now! :)

So the vet says to get back to work packin Mom around.

I is all "Fooey on work."

Monday, November 7, 2016

Thank you

Thank you all for all your niceness.

I is doing ok for now. Vet laydee has recommended stopping medisine and seeing if my bludd keeps getting better! So that is good.

I am still bored tho.

In the mean time. Potato Pony has been the only horse here with a job. She does dressahzj and trails and jomping for Mom.

Artist renndering of Potato lerning about jomping with a person on her.

I is maybe a little jelos.

Ther is another baybee here. Baby Fang. This is us frum earlier this summer:

She is black and a little attitudinous:

But she is leggy and cantery so maybe this meens less canterings for me some day.

I is all in favor of sharing the Mom-butt load with the other ponies. As long as I is still the best and favrite Roxie. Which I is.