Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Snow Roxie

We gets SNOWS heer!

Mom rides me in a snows.

She is careful a-cuz of snows being slickery.

Mom's Matt takes our picsures. He capsures my Roxie Prittyness. Heer is Mom waving at him. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crissmiss Happened

Crissmiss happened an it happened a LONG time ago. I is Roxie Sorrie for not riting this faster.

Liek I do any thing fastly tho. Well. I eat fast. But no thing else.

So Crissmiss happens. I gets lots of great Roxie things.

Mom lines these up an taekes a picsure. There is a hart shape massage currie brush, an a GREEN flicky brush, an Roxie Treets, an Roxie Apples, an a pink Roxie haff pad.

And I gets a draft size Roxie Candy Cane.

I also gets TOO new Roxie sadduls. One is for people like Mom's Matt an Uncle Scott to ride in.

Uncle Scott coms and rides me in this! It is a better thing for a male person to sit in this than to sit in mom's little girl saddles.

One is for Mom and I to do jomping an gallups in.

I liek this one. Mom is all "this saddle is orange an i haete looking at it" but it is a vary wide saddul an I love it so Mom better just stop judging a book by its uggly cover.

Oh and also. Bluey an I goes ice skating.

What a good holly day time. :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Make a Pony Portrit

So Mom is workin feeverishly on the post of all the Roxie things I do on Crissmiss.

Until then, though, you may go to this site an make your own pony protrit. I gess you may make a pony that repersents your own self. Or you may make one that is your horse.

Mom makes me. Ovviously.