Sunday, December 25, 2022

Marry Crismiss

It is Crismiss time here at Roxie house. 

I gets me a new stall sign.

This is so you may find me and scritch me. And feed me treets.

Potato has had a rough year veterinarily, so she gets the gift of bein still alive.

And a smol crown for this acheevement 

Ivy gets a hot new halter.

It's called fashun, look it up

My kid Halo gets exctra crismiss foods which is all she really wanted. 
There's not pictures of this becuz you can imagine what a pony eating hay looks like.

Marry Crismiss, everyone!

Luv, Roxie.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Public serviss announcement

Hello so pay attenshun.

So in some places it is hunning season.

Know where you is at all times and use your brain to determine if people will be shooting near your Roxie Greatness. 

And wear hi viz gears.

Ok that is all.