Friday, August 31, 2012

HA ha ha ha ha ha ha

Well THIS will show a Mom not to baleeve that Roxies is athletic! 

This is me karatee chopping a fense an BREAKING it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

This is in Mom's an Mom's Matt's big back yard feeld.

Mom desides I needs more Roxie room to do turning an gallops so she brings me heer to jomp things.

I does grate an I is a Very Good Girl, exsept for the afore menshunned fence chopping.

Heer is a video of me being excellent.

Heer is an even more excellent video. Mom's Matt sets this one to a punk rock song. :)

Let's go!   

Heer is more picshures.

Funny things happun from this "going to Mom's house" occurrence.

I gets to eet lawn grasses.  Mom's Matt is all "Grrr Roxie is maeking Horse Holes in my lawn!"

An mom's cats sees me thru a window and one of them gets SO SCARED that she runs thru the Human House and sprays CAT PEES everywhere! BAD stupid cat!

Things like this is why horses is a best pets to have.

Monday, August 27, 2012


So as you all may know. I, Roxie, attempts to limit how much work that is done by a Roxie.

I duz this by fooling Mom in to thoughts that I cannut do certin things.

I has made a mistaeke tho.

This spring, I allowded a part of a flying leed change to be capshured on camera.

Mom finds this, an she is so excitey, she maede a video.

This video is stupid.  It will meen more works for a Roxie. :(

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spoiled Roxie

I is a Spoiled Roxie.  Mom sez.

She sez this cuz of I gets all sorts of nice things.

I gets to eat nice froot bars.

An I gets to eat TACOS.  Mom sez NO horse ever eets tacos.  But Roxies do.

Heer is me waiting at my Roxie Food Hole.  Walt is waiting too but he gets no good foods.  Somtimes Mom feels sorrie for Walt becuz no one loves him, an she lets him lick the grain food pan.  But that is it.

Also I gets a PINK Roxie-size fly mask frum a blog reader!  It is PINK an has glitter rine stones on it. :)

These is hard to see a-cuz of Mom's bad phone camera.  But they is there.

Thank you for this an for being a Roxie Fan, Whitney!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hair Stiles

Mom has givved my hairs a style.
She says this is to train my Roxie maene to do somthing.
Silly mom.  You cannut train hairs.  They has no brains because they is just hairs.
She also ashures me this will keep me cooler.

Does I look more cooler yet?

Can a Roxie really *be* any more cooler?