Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Hallaween

I is going as a big Tiny Bloo Horse.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Mom buys me a new Roxie bit. She also buys a similar Roxie bit for Kablooey.

You may guess which bit is for my Expansive Roxie Mouf.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Jelosy. I has it.

Baby Bloo Horse gets to go on trailur rides.

An she wares my Roxie Bob saddul. And she taekes Mom to seenik vistas.

An Mom buys her a sooper cute pink an green haltur.

Mom is all liek "Oh Bluey is SOOOOOO SMART, she evun steps on her haltur leed rope an does not explode!"

"An she is lurning to be LEED Trail Horse! Good baby!"

She is all halpful too. Liek she halps Mom pick up our horse doots.

Brown noser. Liderally.

This is maeking me look bad.

Monday, October 17, 2011


So. One day I is hanging out in a Roxie horse house, mining my own Roxie Bizniss an thinking of carrits.

Then I sees Mom coming to my Horse House with a Tiny Bloo Horse an I is like, "wow, that is one tiny bloo horse." And THEN she puts this strange horse into MY House! An she is all "Roxie this is your new liddle sister" an I is like "WHUT."

SO i maeke Snake Eyes at Tiny Bloo Horse. An she is all "meh" and she wannders arownd.

She does NOT respeckt my Giant Roxie Size! And she helps her own self to my Roxie Hay!

And so I threttens to BITE her! And then she kicks at me! An then I bites her for reals! And then there is more respeckt.

See? Respecktfull distance is mane-tained.

I is getting used to Tiny Bloo Roommate Horse. She has ben here for a while now an I is still SOOPER meen to her but wen Mom taekes her for rides I is all ". . . COMM BACK, Tiny Bloo!" an I nicker-yell for her. I do not run arownd becuz this is a waste of Roxie energy. Also becuz she coms back evenshually. At which time, I bite her some more.

Seriosly, look how tiney she is. Mom's Matt is a normal size hooman:

I do think she is my liddle sister for reel. It is SO nicer to have a liddle sister than it was to have a Pet Horse. Evryone gets SO MAD when you are meen to your pets but no one cares if you is meen to your liddle sister and you wale on her.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Did I forget to menshun that I lives in a new horse house?

Cuz I do. Maybe I DID menshun this. But heer is some picsures.
This is my big back passture. I goes in this somtimes.

I ackshully lived in this big back passture many Roxie yeers ago. Heer is me as a 2-yeer old beebee in it.

Any ways. Back to now-time. This little beebee lives in this back passture. This little beebee is MY beebee. He has a Mom that is a yello color like he is. But he is mine. I is his onnerary Mom.

Heer is my Roxie pen. This is ware i lives for the most part now. It is a big pen with a VERY BITEY electrick fense.

I has this pen all to my Roxie self. Until one day a tiny bloo stranger shows up.

I will deevote a whole nother entry in my Roxie blog to Tiny Bloo Horse.