Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It is Mom's feelings that I, Roxie, may not be trusted with a reel big water bukkit any more. I do not know whut might cause this feeling.

See, the thing is, somtimes the snow is slidey on the roof of the barn wher I, Roxie, lives. An it is scarey! Somtimes in fact you may be standing in your Roxie stall with your hed out into your Roxie run, so wen the snow falls, it attacks your eers!! So wen it happens, you must be all, "I is not scared of you, scarey snows! I is a BRAEV HORSE!!"

An then you must prove this is so by flying back-words in your Roxie stall and falling buttocksie-first into your bloo Roxie water bukkit.

You will then get smaller bukkits placed on the wall insted. Nice, but not the saeme as a big bloo bukkit.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sun Rise

This is whut the sun rises looks like frum my Roxie stall an Roxie run.
Jelousy. That is whut you is feeling.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Um, OK

SO i lerned something today. I lerned the fastest way to make Mom VERRY ANGRY.

This is how:

Wait arownd until Mom comes to cleen your Roxie stall. Wait until she notices that your Roxie water bukkit is dirty. Wait until she un-snaps it frum the wall. Wait until she is draggin it out to your Roxie run, to dump it. Then deside that you MUST GET OWT OF YOUR ROXIE STALL RITE THAT SECOND and tromple over her! Shuv her into the wall with your Giant Roxie Body! Hooray!

Except then you get chased arownd in the mud, an menaced. An Mom calls you HORRUBLE names an proposes lots of work for later in the day.

Uh-oh. I think purhaps this is a miss-calculayshun.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I do NOT approve

The 2010 Puffy Roxie Fashun Coat is in, an I HAETE it!


Look at it!

Dang it all.

Raecing stripes are SOOOOO 2007!
I wiggles a lot so the stripes are avant-garde. That is a fashun term an it meens somthing is fancy an crooked.

Unfortunately this coat is non-returnable.

Thankfully I can covver it with a Puffy Roxie Fashun JACKET.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vedderan's Day

So. It is Vedderan's Day. This is a day where you be nice to all the persons an horses who go to war an fight. They fight so I can eat treets an live in a big dry stall. I, Roxie, apreshiate this.
I must tell you all that Mom's brother Scott who is a Vedderan came to visit, and he RIDED me! Ther is no picsures cuz Mom is dum somtimes. But I ashure you that I is a good Roxie for Scott. Except that Mom tied me up to put on my saddul an I was lieke, I don' wanna be tied up, so I setted back an tryed to break loose! It is so fun! Except when it dosn't work. It totallee dosn't work. :(
And then Mom gets FURRIOS, like I haeve never seen, an I gettded smacked! An then Mom untied me an I hadda lunge arownd her in little sircles, and then I hadda back up and up and up and up and up and up and up!!! I gettded in HUUUGE trubble! Mom sed I is a spoiled brat! I is like, "I'm sorry Mom, just give me treets!" and she is all "RAAAAARRR, NO, YOU IS BAD ROXIE! KEEP BACKIN UP!" So I did.
So I is a perfict Roxie after this.
An Scott rided me an I is perfect for this too. It is the leest I can do for a Vedderan.
An then he feeded me carrots! Hooray!
So I, Roxie, DID get treets eventshually.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ultra Sownd

Me getting a Ultra Sownd.

So. I, Roxie, may have taeken the "kicking Luhkota" thing too far in the passture. I may haeve been kickded back. An perhaps I, Roxie, gettded kicked in the leg. In a very importent spot in teh leg. An so I gets stinging stuff rubbded into my Roxie leg. An once I evun gets a leg rap! I gess it maekes things worser, tho. And then today I goed to the veternarien. I normalee haete the Mean Guy with Needles, but today it is a GURL!! An she is pritty an nice, and there are no needles, an a whole bunch of apple treets insted.
I gettded an ultra sownd. This is wen you get in the trailur and go some where, and a persin puts goopy cold stuff on your leg an wiggles a thingy arownd on it, an then you are a Good Girl, and you go home an eat breakfest! Hooray!

Heer is me halping Sarah the Veternarien, with my Roxie face.

I gess ther is nothing wrong with me, Roxie, and I must go back to work. Dangit!