Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happie Chrissmiss

Hallo!  Crismiss happens.  This is a day when I get nice Roxie things for NO REASON.

There is a Roxie coat brush, an some Udder Budders, an a Likit thing.


Mom has to kina explane what this is.

I think I gets the idea.

I also donot think this Likit thing will last real long.

Friday, December 7, 2012


So.  Not much happens latelee.  I gets rided, an i gets lots of massahjes, an lots of treets. Altho, lots of treets is still not enuff treets for me, Roxie.

I can post a video at leest.  Here is me being awsome Roxie jomping pony.

Heer is som stills.  They is blurry a-cuz of Mom's camera.

Right leed is hard, you guys!  Seriosly.
Bonus Roxie Shadow.

The video I shows you? It is taken by Tiny Marrissa!  I has not seen her in so long. I allows her to ride me som more.

Altho Mom sayz "no stirops" for her cuz of her little slippy shoes.

Marrissa also brings me Roxie granola bars.  Thees is the BEST Roxie treet!

Thank you, Tiny Marissa!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


It is importent to discover the truth of things, somtimes.

Like wether that good-tasting granola thing Mom is carrying is relly good, or whether it is consealing some D Wormer.

Like wether green appels is better than red appels.

The correckt answer is "Yes" an then you feeds the appels to a Roxie.

Like wether your trailur ride is going to be a fun thing or a show thing or a Mean Vet With Needuls thing.

Like how the peepul around you RELLY feel abowt you.

I has found a way to lern this last one.

Simply stamp your giant Roxie foot onto a soft an crushable human one.  Aim for the toes!  Put all your Roxie weights on it and twist until you feel (or heer!) a POP sound.

You will quickly disscover exactly what som one thinks of you. You will also get a free evaulayshun of your intelligense level and perhaps some speculayshun on the respeckatbility of your parents.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Roxie Speshial Treetment

When you is a Roxie, you is a Speshial Horse an you gets speshial treetments because of this.

Such as massahjes.

And such as body clipper clip jobs.

An then you is branded with proof that Mom loves you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall treets

One of the best things abowt fall time is the yummy treets.

Heer is a tipical treet day.  A candy apple for me an a bat cupcake for Mom.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall riding

Fall is a best time to be rided.

There is pritty leaves an it is cool enough that Roxies do not over heet and want to die.

So i goes on a fall trail ride.  Mom is aboard.

I goes with Chloe an Rosie.  They has hoomins aboard too.

There is beeyoutiful fall leaf colors.

There is STEEP hills.  We RUNS up thees hills!

I is so much taller than the other teeny horses that Mom gets wacked in the face by all the branches when we is running up hills.  The other people just ducks under em on there teeny horses.  An then they laughs at Mom a lot.  

We goes DOWN the steep hills too.  This is hard work when you is a Roxie!

Picshured: Not as steep as the real steep hills.

And we does GALLOPPING.  There is no picshures of this.  Cuz of the fact that it is gallupping.

An then we walks home, an we stops at a plum tree an we eets plums together. :)

Fall is a best time to be rided.  As I have said.

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Horse House

Mom moves me to a New Horse House.

Heer is my barn.

Heer is my stall.  It is Roxie size!

Ther is a giant rubber Roxie feeder.

An a Roxie Grain Door.

Give me grains. NOW.

An this is my Roxie run!

I has been to this barn before.  Lots of times.  But now I lives here.

Heer is the indoor areena.

The footings is rubber-things an they is super springy.

All the people an their horses is pritty an nice.

This is my neigh-ber horse.  She is okay for being a teeny horse.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Man.  Those perfessional picshure people is expensive.

Anyways.  Mom buys these ones of me being Roxie perfickt.

Also.  Lest you think I develops a Big Roxie Eego from this. Heer is a bonus one of Mom an me both making Derp Face atta camera.