Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall riding

Fall is a best time to be rided.

There is pritty leaves an it is cool enough that Roxies do not over heet and want to die.

So i goes on a fall trail ride.  Mom is aboard.

I goes with Chloe an Rosie.  They has hoomins aboard too.

There is beeyoutiful fall leaf colors.

There is STEEP hills.  We RUNS up thees hills!

I is so much taller than the other teeny horses that Mom gets wacked in the face by all the branches when we is running up hills.  The other people just ducks under em on there teeny horses.  An then they laughs at Mom a lot.  

We goes DOWN the steep hills too.  This is hard work when you is a Roxie!

Picshured: Not as steep as the real steep hills.

And we does GALLOPPING.  There is no picshures of this.  Cuz of the fact that it is gallupping.

An then we walks home, an we stops at a plum tree an we eets plums together. :)

Fall is a best time to be rided.  As I have said.