Monday, October 22, 2012

New Horse House

Mom moves me to a New Horse House.

Heer is my barn.

Heer is my stall.  It is Roxie size!

Ther is a giant rubber Roxie feeder.

An a Roxie Grain Door.

Give me grains. NOW.

An this is my Roxie run!

I has been to this barn before.  Lots of times.  But now I lives here.

Heer is the indoor areena.

The footings is rubber-things an they is super springy.

All the people an their horses is pritty an nice.

This is my neigh-ber horse.  She is okay for being a teeny horse.


Alanna M said...

Wow Roxie. I love your new house. It's very nice.

Zoe said...

Looks very smart.......where is your grass?

SmartAlex said...

What a lovely place! I envy that indoor. And such a nice big feeder! That looks very promising.

kbryan said...

Nice digs!

Jenny said...

WOW nice big place.Beautiful. You can stretch out in that stall. But no tire to hide behind or clover to munch? Ouch

Roxie said...

There is SOME grasses, but yes. This lack of clovers has been noticed. By me.