Friday, March 5, 2021


 So mom has this plan that I is going to do some riding on rocky traels this spring. So she gets these rock crusher shoos on me.

Shoos with PADS to protect my Roxie Greatness.

But like. I haete this. 

It's hard to get shoos on my hind feets, and even harder wen they has to pad my feets with goop first!

And who wants to do more works anyway. 

So i gets my reevenge.

Mom go's to get me out of the passture I shares with baby Ivy. Normally she sends me thru the gate and then closes it beehind me. I stands there politely for this, or som times I graze.

Not today. Today I decides to leave this place!

I heads off down the driveway. Mom is all "hay get your bott back heer" but I considers this offer and politely declines. 

So she comes after me so i deside to kick it up a notch and i trots away! These shoos feel grate!

So i gets to the end of the drive way and like always i gets scared. So i turns and GALLOPS AWAAAAAAAAAAY towards the naybors and their cute arabians. But then. Freedom is so fun! So i just keep going! 

It looks like this, exsept i is on the other side of this fence and I is wearing a halter.

I goes through their yard. Ans then i goes through Emily's yard too. And then i goes for Jones' yard which is like a half mile away! THIS IS FREEDOM

Mom is walkin me down thru all this. Making mouth noise like "Why" and "Please stopp" and "Wher is my phone to document this funniness".

I gets halfway to Joneses and then i gets tired and maybe a little afraid. Freedom is scary. So i stop and let Mom recapsure me.

She isn't even mad, at least not that she shows me, so this is a releef.

But. I does not get out of getting in the trailer and going on a ride on rocks.

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

And my shoos work great for stomping on these rocks.