Sunday, July 18, 2010


I goed to a SHOW!! And I WINNED! I winned a red Roxie ribbin! Hooray!

Jassper's Mom Meegan took video films of me, Roxie, JOMPING fences!!! Hooray!

Click HEER for my first show jomping. Mom yells at me for my slowwy-ness in it. An ther is maybe some spanking.

Then click on HEER for my Roxie ex-cee. I jomps LOGS, an I runs up HILLS, an I spooks at WATERS, an I spooks at jomp peepul, an I trots thru the woods, but you don't get to see this. Oh an I GALLUP too! W00t!

Then clik HEER for yet an other show jomping. Thees fenses is SMALL but I liek this, big fenses looks hard. Jassper may jomp big fenses. I will stay with small Roxie size fenses. Plus small fenses means I donut need to change canner leeds. Or lissen to Mom left-leg kicks. So there.

I lerns so much at this place. Check this owt, I lerns that just becuz my pen is standing in a certin spot dusn't mean I cannot move it arownd for better grass-eeting.

I is a Smart Roxie.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Gettin in the trailur seemed liek a good ideeuh at the time.

But no one warned me that ex-cee lessins means that you will get WASHED afterwords.

An LEG RAPPED afterwords as well. With limamint.

Or that I wuld have to go in a big stupid mud puddel an get my Roxie stuff all dirtys.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Tooth Fense

This fense looks like a tooth fense.

I ashure you, tho, this fense will not bite your Roxie feets.

You may whack it reel hard with your Roxie feets though, just to be shure.