Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News Itums

I, Roxie, has lurned how to get kicked owt of the Horse House barn an into a Horse House run befor I goes to Finishing Skool.

I has also lerned how to BUKC!!

Also, I gets a new haltur in preperayshun for my Roxie trainin time with Trainer Woman.

My new haltur is VERRY pink. An all the boys coms over to see it! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dressahj picsures

As promissed:


It has com to my attenshun that I, Roxie, will soon go to a Trainer Woman.

I do not unnerstand why this is. Obviosly I is Roxie an Roxies do not need training. But I is ashured that Trainer Woman has wacky fences an I will get to lern to jomp them! Hooray!

Mom sez this is "Finishing Skool." That is wen I is lissening. Wen she thinks I is NOT lissening, she calls it "Fat Camp." >:(

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ther is this bay horse that lives next to me as my neigh-ber, and oooooh I HAETE him. I kicks the fense at him an I reers at him an he dosn't care!! An I bites his face too! I haete him. An he haetes me. But mostly I haete him.
I do. I, Roxie, haetes him. I is big an meen an caypable of haetred.
And any persons who may haev seen me an him playing smoochy kissy-lips this morning befor brekkest? This is a DIRTY LIE.
Do not lissen to anyone who says this an trys to give me, Roxie, a reputayshun.
Cuz I haete him. Really.
Haete. >:(