Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Aw man

Two months with no Roxie posting???

Welp. I warned you that things is reel quiet here.

My Roxie dot is officially a baby. It has a heart and it has tiny HOOVES you guys. Also I is a big ol preggo lady and some one shuld tell mom that it's ok for me to get whale fat and not be rided any more.

I mean seriosly. My giant girf isn't near giant enough.
But whatever.

Oh here is som thing.

I gives myself a real avvan gardey haircut.

Party up front. Business in the back wher I itches it out.
I is allowed to be bootiful with my hairs cuz it's cool to pamper on a mommy lady and be nice to her and not make her go trotting. Coff coff mom pay attenshun coff.