Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dressahj - a sneek peek

I, Roxie, goed an did a DRESSAHJ clinick!

I lerned a lot. Mostlee, that I do not liek dressahj. Ther is tight rains, an spurs, an a wip too. This is far too much work for a Horse Princess. I do not unnerstand whut is so smart an wise abowt a Jessica Wis-dom.


Mom's frend, my Roxie massager MEEGAN, caem an took loads of picsures. I will post thees at a later date. This is a Roxie promise.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mini Me

So. I, Roxie, has a mini me. Heer is a picsure of me an mini me Emma.

I is the one on the rite.

She is liek me, but more smaller. An with more wites on her. Oh, an we bites on each other over the fense! Hooray!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So, it turns out that nocking fences down is not onlee fun, but also can bust things. Not Roxie things, fence-piece things.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A hunnert posts!

I, Roxie, has done ONE HUNNERT POSTS on my Roxie blog! Hooray!
Thank you to all my Roxie blog reeders frum all arownd the world. I evun has reedership from made-up plaeces like Skotterud, Nor-way.

I haev somthing to pass along. This is not somthing that I, Roxie, wuld normaly do since this blog is for and by and abowt me, Roxie, but I will do this becuz I has herd of some horses who needs a home. Mom's frend sent this an I, Roxie, is passin it along so som carriage-pulling horses may not haev to go thru a auction. I, Roxie, almost goed thru a auction once. These are no fun. So if anyone can halp these horses, it would be neet:

"Just received this email today. Three driving horses for sale cheap. They have been part of a SF concession near the wharf. Good opportunity for someone.

Due to the unexpected death of the operator of the carriage driving franchise at San Francisco's Fisherman's wharf area 3 horses are available for immediate adoption for a fee of $450 (to cover the boarding expenses incurred so far) The family of the deceased are not horse people and cannot care for these animals.

Chester - Gray Percheron, around 12 to 14 year old gelding. Solid driving horse who has worked in the city for the last five years. Has also done parades. He is a sweetie.

Colonel - Buckskin Draft/Quarter horse cross who looks more QH than draft. 7 year old gelding, really pretty and sweet. Colonel was being trained to work in the city but has not actually been driven there.

Gilly - Bay Standardbred, 19 years old, has worked in the city for approx. 10 years. The horse that all the new drivers were given to start with.

These horses are currently at a boarding facility 45 minutes north of San Francisco. Their board is paid until Feb 8 at which time the deceased's family want them off their hands.

Also available are 4 white vis-a-vis and harnesses. They will go to Tulare auction but are available for sale now to anyone interested. Please contact April at 707-338-0872 or"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Crimmiss Presents

This is slitely late. But I, Roxie, DID receive a VERRY cool Crimmiss Present, besides all the foods an the Jolly Ball. So, I must write abowt this.

Mom's Mat maede me a browband!!! An it is GREEN with GREEN shiney thingys on it!

This makes me, Roxie, SO much purtier that all the other horeses!

Thanks, Mat!