Monday, June 29, 2015

Plane watching

So one of my most favoritest things to do, ever, is to watch the air planes.

I love them.

They flies over my Roxie house all the time an i is all "WATCHING!"

One of my favrite traels is by the air port, where planes live. Som times Mom parks me here on the trael an we watch the planes.

There is one day that we goes an we sees SO MANY PLANES.

There is this plane-an-glider set that goes over when we is saddulling.

Then later, that leader plane coms and lands all by itself.

And then there is this plane!

Oh and then Mom an me hears the loud thumpy-thump and we is both like "YAY FOR HELLACOPPER!"

We gets to watch it land an take back off a bunch too. 

In conklusion. Flying things is SO COOL seriosly. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Practising and showing. Part 2: Showing

So finally. It gets to be show time.

I gets in my trailur an goes to the show place. I is assigned a Roxie home wich is kinda a jail cell.

But I is amenable becuz hay, I is Roxie.

And mom takes me out for hours an hours of graezing every day. 

Ther is hunreds and hunreds of peeple an horses here. 

So the first day of the show. We does dressahzj. 

And then the second day. We does show jomping instead of cross counry jomping. 

Then cross counry happens the last day. 

I am sad to reeport that it is relly hard to be in a jail stall for 4 days, and even tho mom does walking and graezing, I did not feel well enough to jomp all the fences on the first try. Mom is VERY ANGRY at me about this an makes me run SO HARD. Running is hard. :(

But, this is ok. We have all lerned a valuble lesson about Roxie in a stall. All the food an leg rapping in the wurld is not enough to make me Roxie comfy.


Ther will perhaps be picsures from video later. Perhaps not. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Practising and showing. Part 1: Practise

Also this spring. Mom is all "Roxie we is going to a show." and so i is all "Hooray!" and then mom is all "But this meens you haev to train an practice." so then I is like :\

But its ok. Training isn't so bad. I only lerns one dressahzj test an it is SO EASY YOU GUYS SERIOSLY.

Plus Mom made me a Roxie dressahj arena at home so this makes life evun more easier.

So we does dressahzj lessons with this Regeena lady. She makes mom be SO HARSH but I folds up and gets beeyoutiful.


And we also goes in the trailur for hours to go do cross country practices.

I is beeyoutiful at these also. 

I is SO good at all this.

We evun gets a flat tire on the way home an mom is all "no swett" and "tire changey change" and it only deelays my Roxie Greatness for liek 10 minutes. 

Next up. Part Too: Showing.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

New traels

So. First up on my list of promisses, is trael riding.

Mom and me finds some new traels this spring.

Some times it is just us and some times baby Potato is there too. And some times there is other hoomans along as well.

There is this one, which is pretty much up hills all the time. Potato is leapy and baby-stupid, so this is a good place bc she gets tired evenshually.

We finded baby tortles. 

There is other peeple on this one, including Pam an Meegun. Meegun rides a mini version of my Roxie self. 

I know, right? 

So that is fun. 

There is one time that me an Potato goes to that trael with no other hoomans and it pretty much got dark on us. 

Less fun.

This is a funnie thing tho becuz all the search an rescue people was training an hiking around this trail at the same time. They were all seekritly hoping that we and Mom wuld get lost so they could search an rescue us. Wen we got back to my trailur in the dark, they wuz all still in the parking lot. We walked out of the forest and they was all like "dangit." 

Potato and me also goes to this trail:

And guess what. 

Ther is so many tortles down there. 


So anyways, I has been spending time on traels. I will tell you all of even more traels in later typings.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Oh here is a fun thing that i forgot to menshun, I goed and played with cows again.

Mom has me in my non-cowboy saddul for some reason. This does not matter. Cows doesnt know whether there is a handul.

I is getting SO good at this, you guys. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Forth comming

So. Mom has been sooper bizzy with human things lately.

This means that typing my Roxie Adventures is not as importent to her as it is to a Roxie.

There is some up dates coming, tho. I promiss you all on my Roxie Honors.

Ther will be:

- Trael riding with Potato
- meeting Mini Roxie
- another turkley
- training for a show
- ackshully DOING a show
- a injury
- and maybee some more things.

Any ways. Thank you for your payshense!