Monday, June 29, 2009


I goed on a REAL trael ride!

My story is mostlee Flash Box picsures.

I getted in my trailur and rided in it for EVER.

Yes you is seeing that rite, it is a horse trailur with NO back door, just a corral panel!

I is glad Mom luvs me enuff that my trailur has a door.

Anyways, we goes to this plaece high up lots of hills! This is “Riggins,” it is not things that go on your saddul. I mean, it IS things that go on your saddul, but it is also a place name.

Look look look.

And ther was MULES. Mules is like horses but with Humongos Ears.

Thees mules wants to be my frend but I pins my Roxie eers at them! Ha ha ha.

Anyways. I spended the nite heer.

Then the next morning I getted my Bob saddul on.

Then we goed on a ride!

I follows Scott an Holly and there Morgan horses.

We is very high up.

Then we goed down down down down down down down for MIELS.

We goed to a river! I getted to drink out of it, it is DELISHUS waters!

I goed across a BRIJ, a real one! With moving waters under neeth of it!

Then Mom getted off for a bit and I, Roxie, gets to rest and eat a apple and som peppermints, which is nice.

Then we goes back the way we caeme and I hadda go up up up up up up up and it was SO steep and SO hard! I was breathing so hard, I thot I wuld DIE!

But then it gets flat again, and everything is cool.

This place is a nice place.

But REAL trael riding is HARD! I like flat trael riding.

I hadda get back in my trailur an go for EVER, again, to get home. But I is back home now. See?

I is verry tired. :(

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I is a Grate Big Byootiful Success

yes I is. I, Roxie, goed to an other show. This is my third show evur in my Roxie life. This is a scooling show, where you lern abowt how to be a show horse an stuff. Ther is a judge, she is a nice laydee in a cowboy hat an she tells you things to werk on. So heer is a Flash Box picsure of me at the scooling show, tied to my NEW trailur:

I will write mor abowt my New Trailur later.
This show is SOOOOOOOO neet! We parked in a big alflalfla field an I is allowd to EET alflalfla! But not too much cuz Mom worrys about my Roxie stummick. Mostly the thing I lerned abowt showing is that you are tied to the trailur, an maybe for a littl bit you get a bridle on, an you go do sumthing, an then you com back to your Roxie trailur an you eet foods and get peppurmints and EVRYONE comes up to you an tells you they love you an you are so pritty an you are the best horse!!! Som times you get a bridle AND a saddul on an you go do something else, but theese things is SO easy and it is all No Big Deel an people keep coming to you an telling you you is SO pritty an nice! Heer is a picsure of me, Roxie, at my trailur. I is foamie frum a peppermint, I ashure you that I, Roxie, do not has raybees.

I does all thees things. I goed in a areena an trotted arownd in my bridle with Mom leeding me. An i goed thru a trail corse with a scarey bridge an a mailbox, ooh an ther was Smartie candies in the mailbox an I getted to EET them! Hooray! An in som classes I got rided, an I goed in a big areena with other horses an we trotted an cannered arownd together, an then i get ribbins! Oh an I getded a ribbin for the trael class too. OH an I almost forgetted, ther was too classes wher I goed in the areena all by my Roxie self, an we trotted an cannered an did circles an a "free walk," whut ever that is, an I is like, "I is Roxie! This is EESY!" an I did all the things Mom asked. Except for one tiem she was like "right leed!" an I'm like, "left leed!" an so I hadda try agin, but then I did right leed an I was Such A Good Girl. An after that I goed to the new trailer an I eeted more alflalfla an peppermints, an then they said my sort-of name an I, Roxie, getted a Red Ribbin an a Bloo Ribbin! Woot! Evryone clapped for me, Roxie, an came an petted me! I is Such A Good Girl! Heer is me with my ribbins. The too big ribbins is for the classes wher I wuz by my Roxie self. I think it is dresahzj?

Ther is a nice man at this show an he took lots of picsures so I will have reel good picsures of me, Roxie, to post soon.
For now, heer is a picsure of me an Mom an Meegan an her horse Jassper. Jassper is the only horse at this show who is meen to me, well him an a little buk-skin mare too, they both maede pinned eers an made Snake Eyes at me, Roxie. All the other horses luvved on me an telld me I is pritty.

Meegan an Jassper is both reel skinnie, I think it is funnie how horses look liek their people som times. Meegan has a blog too, you should go reed it. Jassper getted ribbins too, he is real pritty for a skinnie TB boy horse, evun if he IS meen to me, Roxie.
So anyways. I is a Show Horse now, Mom sez! Hoorays! An if that meens more peppurmints, then I gess I, Roxie, is a Show Horse.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I, Roxie, has a publick service announse-ment.

Wen you are done being rided, an Mom dismownts an is trying to take off your Roxie bridle, it may seem liek a good idea to rub your Roxie face on her.

Do not, I reepeet, DO NOT, rub your Roxie face on her.

This has been a Roxie Publick Service Announse-ment.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Mom made some rains an I, Roxie, is working in 'em.

I is suppost to be lerning how to stretch.

I is stretchy at a walk. Not so much at a trot tho, not yet.

Som one shuld tell Mom that if she wer to buy teh REAL rains from Dohver, I may be more stretchy in 'em. The real rains is nicer then these ones maede from rop an free keychains frum a motorcycle show.

These rains isn't so bad tho, they is purty loose.

I think they will get more tighter at som point. Sad!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Why In Deed

Why is it that humins get SO MAD wen you step on them a liddle?

I mean, sheesh. Ther wuz a scary Thing over there. Whut is I, Roxie, supposed to do? Let it EET me?? Nope, nuh-uh.

It shuld be up to humins, even Mom-type humins, to watch out for Roxie feets.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Why is it that wen you trot over a pole, it is pritty much No Big Deel, an wen you trot over a couple of poles right necxt to eech other, it is also No Big Deel, but the second you trot over two poles in a X shape, you are SUCH A GOOD GIRL!!?
I got all the Good Girls yessterday but I, Roxie, is not entirely shure why.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Horse Shoe Man

I, Roxie, has a new Horse Shoe Man. I do not liek Horse Shoe Men for the most part, an this one is no diffrint. In fackt, I exspecially do not liek New Horse Shoe Man cuz he holds my Roxie foot up for EVER, an I go to taek it away an put it down, an he WONT let me! Even wen I threttin to fall over side ways, or back words, or wen I start hoppin around. I evun picked him up off of the grownd, an this maeks no diffrince to him! He just holds on an is payshent an pets me an sez nice things. I evun tried to step on him. He is quick tho. An he putded my Roxie shoes back on, which usually meens I is goin som place. Som place with Rox. An mom sed some thing abowt training in heet. I do not think this is a good omin.