Monday, June 29, 2009


I goed on a REAL trael ride!

My story is mostlee Flash Box picsures.

I getted in my trailur and rided in it for EVER.

Yes you is seeing that rite, it is a horse trailur with NO back door, just a corral panel!

I is glad Mom luvs me enuff that my trailur has a door.

Anyways, we goes to this plaece high up lots of hills! This is “Riggins,” it is not things that go on your saddul. I mean, it IS things that go on your saddul, but it is also a place name.

Look look look.

And ther was MULES. Mules is like horses but with Humongos Ears.

Thees mules wants to be my frend but I pins my Roxie eers at them! Ha ha ha.

Anyways. I spended the nite heer.

Then the next morning I getted my Bob saddul on.

Then we goed on a ride!

I follows Scott an Holly and there Morgan horses.

We is very high up.

Then we goed down down down down down down down for MIELS.

We goed to a river! I getted to drink out of it, it is DELISHUS waters!

I goed across a BRIJ, a real one! With moving waters under neeth of it!

Then Mom getted off for a bit and I, Roxie, gets to rest and eat a apple and som peppermints, which is nice.

Then we goes back the way we caeme and I hadda go up up up up up up up and it was SO steep and SO hard! I was breathing so hard, I thot I wuld DIE!

But then it gets flat again, and everything is cool.

This place is a nice place.

But REAL trael riding is HARD! I like flat trael riding.

I hadda get back in my trailur an go for EVER, again, to get home. But I is back home now. See?

I is verry tired. :(


Daun said...

Beautiful! What a lucky horse and rider! I am jealous!

Zoe said...

What a stunning place to take a human to. Your human is one lucky lady to have you take her out to see such wonderful scenery. My human would love it. So would I.
You were very brave to go over that bridge.

EvenSong said...

Oh, Roxie! You are so much more than just a pretty face! You is a DO-in' horse!
What a great ride--hope it was worth all the work. I like it better when we go up-up-up *first*, then it's all downhill to go home! But I agree about how brave you were to cross that little bridge over BIG water!
(By the way--your saddle has a name??)
From Kate, at EvenSong

Britnie - Riding During Naps said...

What a good girl you are Roxie! You and your mom look SO NEAT in that big picture! That needs to be framed!

Andrea said...

Man Roxie where is this place? Gogo wants to go!

Albigears said...

Good guuuuuuurl for going over that bridge! (Waaaaaay scarier than the one at the show)... heh.

Roxie said...

Riggins in is Idaho, and Idaho is wher I, Roxie, lives!
I is pritty proud of me, Roxie, for being abel to do this.
You should all com, you all wuld like it. Ther was even a big log at one plaece that Andreea an Daun can jump over. Yup.

LeopardAppy said...

Wow, Roxie. That sure looked like it was some adventure. Mules and bridges and big hills. Glad you had a good time though. Thanks for sharing with us.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Way to go Roxie
You have an award...come visit my spotted awesomeness to pick it up.

Leah Fry said...

Lucky you, Roxie! And how wonderful your Mom can trust you out on the trails like that.

Janet Roper said...

You are a professional! What a great trail ride & such good pics. I'm glad you shared them.

Janet & Shiloh