Saturday, December 13, 2014

Roommate Horse Guest Post

You mayhaps rememmer that I, Roxie, allowd Roommate Horse to do a guest post on MY Roxie blog a wile back.

It was a verry stoopid post.

She has reequested, with hoofs, to do an other one.

You may rest ashured that this one will ALSO be stoopid.


Hello again! It has been a while. I'd like to catch you all up on my doings, as I know you are all interested.

I went off for a while and lived with a woman who loved and cared about me, but didn't understand how best to make sure I stayed well-fed and healthy.

I used to be beautiful. 

I lost a bunch of weight and all of my muscles. My back swayed, and I felt old. It was very sad. 

I got rescued eventually though! But I was in fairly sorry shape. I had to wear a blanket so I could stay warm, and also so the neighbors wouldn't call Animal Control.


I spent all year gaining my weight back. 

When I was healthy again, I got to start working out again. I stayed in the roun pen at first, but eventually I got to go on rides! Short ones at first, and then longer ones as I got stronger. I got my own special saddle to fit my poor old droopy back.

I eventually got shiny again. My back is still low, but I do horse yoga to raise and strengthen it.

I also get to wear all kinds of nice clothes. 

I am thinking of coming out of retirement. I move nicely and I'm too young to sit around and make plops all day.