Monday, November 8, 2021

So this is the new sport

in my last post i sez that there is too much cannering in wessage and now it is on to the next sport. 

This next sport? Is trael obstacles.

These is obstacles that someone has built for you in a field and you must use your Roxie wisdom to negoshiate them without tripping or watever.

So like we does this earlier this year at the cow place. And then later in the year we go to Lauries house and do them.

Hi Laurie!

Here's me in some waters

Laurie's home is great becuz of all her neat obstacles. 

Like here is some of them.

This is a big tire

This is a big ol log jumble just like a real trael

This is the water again

This is Laurie watching my Roxie greatness

This is me climbing up out of the water, you do not jump in and out like eventing

This is a bunch of logs set up like spokes in a weel

This is some Horse Stairs

Here is me side passing a log

Here's me jomping!

Here is backing out of an alley

Here is a suspension bridge

So in conclusion. This is fun and there is basically no cannering.

You can go to Laurie and practice on her ob stacles if you would like. Here is her web.

Just call her and say you are coming.

Monday, October 4, 2021

And also there is Wessage

 There is Wessage. Which this is wessturn dressage. I is Roxie and I is port man tow.

I goes to my favorite place ever in Winatchey and i does it there and I is the gratest.

See my halo becuz of how i is lovely

Here is some pics of actual wessage

ha ha yay for refusing to halt in a square manner

So anyways. We is amazing and we is the CHAMPION.

And then there is supposesd to be a show in July but Mom forgets to enter. LOL dum.

So then we does one in September.

Here is this show:

We does great at this show too! Everyone says it's move up time but I has reached the limits of how much I wanna do cannering. So now it is on to the next sport!

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

I goes and does cow

 So there is an adventure back in spring. this is what i get shoos for.

I goes in the trailer and goes to a place with cows! I does cow stuff!


Workin a cow.

There is a whole week end of this with cow workin and trail stuff practice.

That's me bossing a cow

This is either a trail thing or it is me waiting my turn

I is the biggest horse here by quite a lot.

Like. Quite a lot.

And I stays there a whole week with Mom and we goes on real traels too.

Not really any obstacles

All these traels is different places that we go explore.

And then there is some trael obstacles the following weekend!

This is mom with a marsh malla on a long stick and me braevly riding towards a bon fire and I will not tells you how successful this thing may or may not has been

Anyways this is a big fun week!

I was glad to be hoem tho. This is a lot to take in.

I also spends most of this year doing trael riding, and I goes to a show. More on that soon!

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ha ha oops

I forgets to blog for a minit!

But never fear. Roxie is still heer.

I will tell you all the storries of how i goes to some events, and there is a big ribbin, and all the other fun stuffs.

Wait one!


Friday, March 5, 2021


 So mom has this plan that I is going to do some riding on rocky traels this spring. So she gets these rock crusher shoos on me.

Shoos with PADS to protect my Roxie Greatness.

But like. I haete this. 

It's hard to get shoos on my hind feets, and even harder wen they has to pad my feets with goop first!

And who wants to do more works anyway. 

So i gets my reevenge.

Mom go's to get me out of the passture I shares with baby Ivy. Normally she sends me thru the gate and then closes it beehind me. I stands there politely for this, or som times I graze.

Not today. Today I decides to leave this place!

I heads off down the driveway. Mom is all "hay get your bott back heer" but I considers this offer and politely declines. 

So she comes after me so i deside to kick it up a notch and i trots away! These shoos feel grate!

So i gets to the end of the drive way and like always i gets scared. So i turns and GALLOPS AWAAAAAAAAAAY towards the naybors and their cute arabians. But then. Freedom is so fun! So i just keep going! 

It looks like this, exsept i is on the other side of this fence and I is wearing a halter.

I goes through their yard. Ans then i goes through Emily's yard too. And then i goes for Jones' yard which is like a half mile away! THIS IS FREEDOM

Mom is walkin me down thru all this. Making mouth noise like "Why" and "Please stopp" and "Wher is my phone to document this funniness".

I gets halfway to Joneses and then i gets tired and maybe a little afraid. Freedom is scary. So i stop and let Mom recapsure me.

She isn't even mad, at least not that she shows me, so this is a releef.

But. I does not get out of getting in the trailer and going on a ride on rocks.

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

And my shoos work great for stomping on these rocks.